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Iron In Water





IRONOX Water Treatment System

  Remove Iron From Water


Iron is a major problem in borehole water. Agricultural use of water with high iron content causes irrigation equipment and drippers to clog up and eventually needs replacement. It also suppresses crop, vegetation and plant growth. Domestic use of water with iron content will stain walls, laundry, baths, basins, toilets, and affect foods and beverage taste.

Water with iron content will be seen as red discoloured water and forms insoluble rust particles. Concentrations above 0.3 mg/litre can cause staining over time. Recommended limit for iron in water for irrigation equipment and drinking water is: 0.3 mg/litre. Maximum allowed limits according to SANS 241, 2001 is: 0.2 - 2 mg /litre. Correct use of the IRONOX system will reduce iron content in water to 0.1 – 0.4mg/lit.

The IRONOX water treatment system works effectively to remove excessive iron. It also improves water colour and prevent growth of algae and fungi in water. This is an excellent system to benefit crop, vegetation, general irrigation and drinking water.


•           Removes excessive Iron            

•           No chemicals used                               

•           No filters to be replaced                         

•           No maintenance required                       

•           Installed on existing borehole system


•           Improves water colour

•           Prevent growth of algae and fungi

•           Enriches water with oxygen

•           Beneficial to crop and vegetation





Water is pumped from the borehole through the IRONOX system for treatment and removal of iron. Oxidation and Adsorption are used to remove excessive iron effectively from borehole water. An automatic backwash system ensures continuous self-cleaning of the IRONOX system. Sandfiltration or 200 micron pre-filtration is recommended to prevent sand and big particles from the system.

The IRONOX-xf water treatment system can treat water with an iron content of up to 100 mg / litre.


Standard applications Total Iron = 10: (Intermittent flow)

• IRONOX-10     (Treats up to 10m³ / day)

• IRONOX-48     (Treats up to 48m³ / day)

• IRONOX-84     (Treats up to 84m³ / day)

• IRONOX-172    (Treats up to 172m³ / day)


(Applications with high Iron content and bigger   volumes are possible, and require specialised    design)