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Drinking Water Treatment



Severe water contamination in rivers, dams and boreholes is a big health risk for consumption, washing and even irrigation purposes. Contaminated water will often smell and taste appalling and be discoloured. Unwanted bacteria, pathogens and viruses can also be present.

Ideal Microbiological specification for drinking water: (SANS 241)

Total Coliform bacteria                                                    = Nil

Faecal Coliforms bacteria                                               = Nil

E.Coli (Escherichia Coli)                                                 = Nil

Total Microbial Activity / Heterotrophic Plate Count           = 100 / ml


The PROCESS water treatment system uses Ozone or (UV) Ultraviolet Light to sterilise the water.

Ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms linked together. Ozone gas releases activated oxygen that reacts with the cell membranes of bacteria and viruses. There are no bacteria or viruses that are resistant to Ozone, as it acts as an Oxidant of Protoplasm. Ozone is generated on site and requires no maintenance.

UV operates at 264 nanometres, which is known as the Germicidal Spectrum. UV is a proven solution to harmful pathogen problems. Various filter media is used together with Ozone and UV to effectively remove unwanted organic contaminants from water which are often responsible for taste, odour, and colour problems. The PROCESS water treatment systems will improve water from a polluted source into pure and healthy drinkable water.



           No chemicals                                                               Improves smell, taste and colour

           No maintenance required                                               Destroys harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens

           No filters to be cleaned / replaced



Water is pumped from the water source into a treatment tank. Ozone is distributed to react with cell membranes for oxidising and sterilising unwanted pollutants. Alternatively, UV can be used to treat water before it is distributed. Filter media will be used according to particles and pollution levels found in the water.

A manual or automatic backwash system flushes the filter media to maintain the treatment system.

Only the best quality Ozonators and Ultraviolet Lights and used to ensure consistent treatment.



Standard Ozone and UV units are available for various water problems. Contact us to specify and cost your treatment system according to your specific application and needs.